Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Over time, the tiles and grout in your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas can start to turn black. This is due to mold build up. Although this is a common issue, it is not one that should be ignored as mold can cause health issues for many. Thankfully, Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning offers a professional tile and grout cleaning service that will get down to the problem for you.


Why You Should Have Your Tiles and Grout Professionally Cleaned

Having tiles can really add a special detail to any room. Although most popular in bathrooms and kitchens, tiles can be placed almost anywhere, whether it be your standard tiles or even in a specific design. When maintained properly. They can last a lifetime. However, occasionally a build of dirt and mold can turn that grout black. The mold usually comes from moisture build-up in the bathroom. Tiles can also look grimy, often due to soap build-up.

Grout is very porous, and a regular mop just won’t get beneath the surface enough to clean it very well, so although you think you are giving grout a good clean, often you’re not. The grout and tiles are also quite delicate, and harsh chemical will actually leave them damaged. This could result in the loss of grout and even tiles if not cared for properly. This is why you should leave the tile and grout cleaning in Tulsa to a professional. At Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning, we know the right methods to use to ensure the grout stays intact and only the mold and mildew is rid of. We also have the right equipment including cleaning products that are formulated to attack grime and not the grout. The professional-grade solutions will work better than many everyday cleaning products, so what you could spend hours doing will take us a lot less time. We’ve got the right tools as well, like brushes that aren’t too hard but perfect for getting into the tile crevices.

Not to mention that the whole process is hard work! You often have to get down on hands and knees uncomfortably and spend hours trying to get rid of soap scum stains and mold from grout. But with a professional tile and grout cleaner, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

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What Tile and Grout Cleaning Involves

Instead of just one cleaning solution, Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning has a wide range of products to use on tile and grout. This makes sure products tailored to specifically target certain areas will be used, making the job more effective. First, our cleaners will look at the area to determine the best way to clean the tile and grout and with what products. Our products will attack the soap scum with ease before we wipe it away carefully to avoid any scratching.

For mold and mildew in grout, we’ll use the appropriate tools to get into the problem areas and restore the look. Often we can add a seal to help protect it from moisture, lessening the chances of more mold later on.

The time it takes to perform a tile and grout clean completely depends on the size of the area and how bad the tile stains and mold build-up is, but Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaners will be able to give an estimate, so you are not left wondering. We guarantee it will be done a lot quicker than if it were attempted with everyday household cleaners!


Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years’ worth of experience, Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning are industry leaders in commercial and domestic cleaning. We’re proud of our superior service and professionalism. We have a customer-centric approach to all that we do, meaning your needs come first and we will keep working until the customer is happy with the job. From the moment you call our offices, our customer service representatives will work towards understanding your needs and coming up with a suitable plan that sees a cleaner out to you based on your schedule.

Our cleaners go through a strict hiring process which includes an extensive background check. They also receive training of the highest caliber in every aspect of cleaning. We proudly have the best cleaners in Tulsa, who are completely reliable and trustworthy. We also believe in strict confidentiality no matter what the setting so you can have some peace of mind with our cleaners either at your office or home. Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning will arrive on time and work hard to get the job done. We never rush anything, but instead, make sure we take meticulous care in everything we do. Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaners is also fully insured.

Put away that toothbrush and store-bought cleaner! When it comes to your tile and grout cleaning in Tulsa, there is no need to stress and worry about getting it done. Leave the job to Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning, and you know you will get a job well done.

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"It is satisfying to know that we can always trust who is in our building at night. To us, security is very important and we love the fact that we have the same team every night  Cleaning in our building. : )"

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