Office Cleaning

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Office Cleaning

When it comes to your office, first impressions mean everything. Whether you are meeting a potential client or even showing around a new employee, it is important to have the office looking the best it can be. Not to mention a clean office makes for a productive workplace!


Benefits of a Clean Office

There are hardly enough hours in the day it seems when you have a lot of work to do. You don’t want to get home and worry about if someone had taken out the garbage for the night, or even walk into a messy office the next morning which sets the mood for the rest of the day. Obviously, there are many benefits to having a professional do your office cleaning for you.

As previously mentioned, it is important that the first impression of anyone visiting your office is a good one. If you have an untidy office space, this can come off as unorganized and unfavorable to any potential clients. A clean office looks more spacious and organized.

A messy office can be incredibly distracting, making it hard to focus on work. Having someone else do the office cleaning frees up more time to get things done. You and your employees won’t have to be taking time out of the day to do domestic duties around the office.

Cleanliness is not just about being tidy; it’s about all the unseen germs and bacteria too. Office workers can be in a small area together for over 40 hours a week, and that means an office can be a breeding ground for coughs and colds. This can lead to more people taking sick days! When you leave the cleaning to a professional, they will make sure all the surfaces are disinfected, and areas are kept sanitary.

Finally, you get peace of mind knowing a trained professional cleaner is doing the job right with the appropriate cleaning solutions and equipment. You can be reassured that you will walk into a nice, clean area each day.

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What Does Office Cleaning Involve?

With daily cleaning, we’ll carry out the everyday duties needed to make sure your office is properly maintained. Before we do this, we will assess the types of surfaces you have to make sure that the solutions we use are appropriate and will not cause any damage.

For the office(s) and reception area, daily office cleaning will include emptying the trash cans and cleaning them if necessary. Any garbage left around the reception area will also be thrown out. Because carpets, mats, and hard floors can attract dirt and debris pretty much every day, we will be sure to give those a good vacuum and mop hard floors with the appropriate cleaning solution. We will even tend to the stairs (if any).

Horizontal surfaces will be wiped down and disinfected. Desks and furniture will get a good polish. Even light switches and door frames will be cleaned of any dust and fingerprints. Any internal glass will be cleared away of debris and fingerprints as well. If you have any brass details, like on door handles, we can give that a good polish too, making sure it stays bright.

The office kitchen and restrooms tend to harbor a lot of germs, but we are sure to leave it sanitized each and every day. This includes cleaning the toilets and urinals and ensuring the sinks are disinfected. Mirrors will be cleared of any marks and floors are also mopped and disinfected. We’ll even make sure that towel/toilet paper dispensers are refilled and cleaned, as well as hand dryers.

In addition to daily duties, we can do a deeper clean, like polishing/buffing hard floors and cleaning office vents and even chairs.

The duties performed in office cleaning will vary from office to office, depending on your needs. We tailor everything to what’s best for you.


Why Choose Us?

Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning has been in the commercial cleaning business for over 30 years. We’re industry leaders in all things office cleaning thanks to our superior service and professionalism. By adopting a customer-centric approach, we have been able to leave customers with a job they are completely satisfied with. This starts from the moment you call our offices to discuss your office cleaning needs. When we are with you, it’s leaning your area that is most important to us. Cleaning never gets rushed – it gets done right.

Our cleaners all undergo a strict hiring process that includes a full background check and training to the highest standards. We believe that confidentiality is extremely important to our clients and adhere to strict codes surrounding that. Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning has only reliable and trustworthy cleaners that operate on a schedule that suits you best. We will make sure that cleaning at the end of a long day is not anything you need to worry about anymore.

Our Clients Love Us

"We are extremely pleased with the services we receive from Cleaning of Tulsa  Cleaning, we have never worked with a company that communicates better than they do. Such a relief to know they will always be there for us when we need them!"

Janice C / Freedom Manufacturing

"Thank you Cleaning of Tulsa for all of your hard work, we know that we had quite a mess to clean up but you guys had no problem getting it done in time for our grand opening. Thank you, sincerely"

John Coleman / Drive Inc.

"It is satisfying to know that we can always trust who is in our building at night. To us, security is very important and we love the fact that we have the same team every night  Cleaning in our building. : )"

A Brown / Watson and Associates

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