The Cleaning of Tulsa Quality Assurance Program

Serving Tulsa Oklahoma and the surrounding areas for over 30 years with the absolute best Office and janitorial cleaning services.

At Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning, we know that in order for our company to grow and succeed we must first and foremost exceed your expectations. One of those expectations is the quality of clean you receive in your home or business. The quality of work is of paramount concern here at Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning Services, and requires a sustained, thorough approach by each and every Cleaning of Tulsa team member. Quality is at the heart of each program we design and implement for our clients.

First we ensure that we hire the right people for the Cleaning of Tulsa team, we all have to have the same vision and goals each and every day.

We have a proven process at Cleaning of Tulsa to ensure that the quality that we provide exceeds our clients expectations!

The Cleaning of Tulsa inspection program is at the beginning, middle and end of our work for our clients. We evaluate the level of cleanliness that exists at the time of our initial engagement, identifying deficiencies and breakdowns in the system. Then we improve on the quality by implementing our processes along with constant, measurable evaluation of our efforts each and every day.

This level of quality control supports our fundamental core values, ensuring that our clients receive consistent, high-performance cleaning on a consistent basis.

In addition to daily fulfillment inspections conducted at each facility. Your home or business is closely monitored and inspected by an operation team member on a regular basis. Our quality control program consists of both regularly scheduled visits as well as unscheduled visits to each site. Furthermore, our ops team submits regular inspection reports for evaluation.

A project manager is assigned to every site to improve the overall quality control. The project manager’s responsibility consists of controlling staffs, as well as maintaining a direct relationship with each client.

Our staff is the most important factor in providing quality service for our clients. We actively seek qualified prospective employees on an ongoing basis for general cleaning requirements. In addition, each employee receives a comprehensive background investigation as a part of our employment procedure. Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning has many talented and qualified employees in all levels of supervision. When new staff begins in either a day or evening position, a qualified supervisor will assist and train them according to the specific needs for each facility after they completed an in depth training process as mentioned in the how we hire our team members section.

Our quality control process follows the site-specific scope of work and the data generated by both our customers and our inspections. This data is then analyzed to track performance. This ongoing process keeps track of how we perform and whether we meet our scope of work on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Everything we do is focused on providing high-quality, customized cleaning and maintenance solution for our clients. At Cleaning of Tulsa we strive each and every day to satisfy our customers. Cleaning isn’t just a job for us at Cleaning of Tulsa, Cleaning is our Passion!

Our Clients Love Us

"We are extremely pleased with the services we receive from Cleaning of Tulsa  Cleaning, we have never worked with a company that communicates better than they do. Such a relief to know they will always be there for us when we need them!"

Janice C / Freedom Manufacturing

"Thank you Cleaning of Tulsa for all of your hard work, we know that we had quite a mess to clean up but you guys had no problem getting it done in time for our grand opening. Thank you, sincerely"

John Coleman / Drive Inc.

"It is satisfying to know that we can always trust who is in our building at night. To us, security is very important and we love the fact that we have the same team every night  Cleaning in our building. : )"

A Brown / Watson and Associates

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