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The Cleaning of Tulsa team understands that in order for our business to succeed we must first and foremost exceed the expectations of our clients and success will soon follow. That is why guarantee your satisfaction! Call us now or use the form below to request a call back.

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Increase your productivity

A messy office can be incredibly distracting, making it hard to focus on work. Having someone else do the office cleaning frees up more time to get things done. You and your employees won’t have to be taking time out of the day to do domestic duties around the office. If you need Tulsa Oklahoma Office cleaning call (918) 779-0448!


You can trust us

Cleaning of Tulsa is trusted by many business and industry leaders as we are driven to satisfy the needs of our clients. We are insured and bonded, all employees carry workers compensation and have passed an extensive background check as is standard policy at Cleaning of Tulsa.

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

We know the only way our company grows is by performing quality work that keeps our clients happy. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have years of cleaning experience and know how to get the job done right.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Our staff is bonded and insured for your protection. When you hire us you can rest easy knowing you are hiring us risk-free. All of our staff is responsible, timely, and dependable. We’ll be there when we say we’ll be there and we’ll do the job the way we promised.

No Contracts

We prefer to keep our clients due to our stellar performance and not due to controlling contracts. Our work will speak for itself and you’ll want to keep us on your team for years to come. If for some reason you don’t, you can cancel at anytime.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not happy then we are not happy. If your performance doesn’t meet your standards then we will come back and clean again until you’re happy. We want you to recommend us to your friends and family, and we’ll work hard to earn your endorsement!

Event Cleaning

There is nothing like the feeling of coming home after a long day at the office, pouring yourself a glass of wine, and kicking your feet up to relax. You can have that every day if you entrust Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning to take care of cleaning your home. We can help you make the most of your downtime by doing the dirty work for you!

House Cleaning

Cleaning your house takes time and effort you may not always have. Consider all of the other things you would rather be doing with your time. Instead of mopping the floors, you could be taking your children to the park. Instead of washing windows, you could be planning your summer vacation. Let us help you spend your time the way you want.

Deep Cleaning

Every day we spend time tidying our homes so that they look clean. But are they really as clean as we would like to think? Consider giving your house a deep cleaning to make sure you get the germs and grime you can’t see with the naked eye. Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning can give your home a deep cleaning that will leave your home fresh and new again.

Commercial Cleaning

Don’t waste another minute thinking about how you are going to keep your commercial space clean. Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning can take on your commercial cleaning job, no matter how big or how small. We’ll work with you to ensure your commercial cleaning needs are properly identified and meet every expectation.

Janitorial Services

Take the cleanliness of your business to the next level by having your space cleaned by professional janitorial staff. Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning provides the most comprehensive janitorial cleaning checklist on the market. You won’t find a better way to keep your business space looking and feeling cleaner!

Office Cleaning

When it comes to your office, first impressions mean everything. Whether you are meeting a potential client or even showing around a new employee, it is important to have the office looking the best it can be. Not to mention a clean office makes for a productive workplace!

Bathroom Cleaning

When it comes to your office, first impressions mean everything. Whether you are meeting a potential client or even showing around a new employee, it is important to have the office looking the best it can be. Not to mention a clean office makes for a productive workplace!

Window Cleaning

Windows are the main feature in any room. When they are clean, they allow the brightest light to come in and light up a room. They also seem to get dirty more easily than anything else! Whether its dust and fingerprints from the inside or dirt on the outside, a professional window cleaner can ensure your windows are sparkling again.

Carpet Cleaning

Getting a carpet is a huge investment and keeping it clean is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you have a family and/or pets. Messes are inevitable, from spills to muddy footprints, to even just everyday dirt accumulation. These things aren’t always something you can do with just an everyday vacuum cleaner, which is why it is a good idea to opt for a professional carpet cleaner in Tulsa.

Steam Cleaning

When you have stubborn stains, sometimes a regular clean won’t help. That’s where a steam cleaner can help. Some people try their hand at renting one, but this can often lead to frustration if not done right or if they are not to professional standards. Consider a professional steam cleaner to save you the stress and hassle.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Over time, the tiles and grout in your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas can start to turn black. This is due to mold build up. Although this is a common issue, it is not one that should be ignored as mold can cause health issues for many. Thankfully, Cleaning of Tulsa Cleaning offers a professional tile and grout cleaning service that will get down to the problem for you.

Service Areas

If you’re looking for a house cleaner, the main thing you will want is someone who is reliable and trustworthy to come into your home. We have nothing but reliable and trustworthy cleaners for your house cleaning services! Our cleaners also hold a wealth of knowledge, enabling us to approach every situation in the best way possible for optimal results.

Our Clients Love Us

“It is satisfying to know that we can always trust who is in our building at night. To us, security is very important and we love the fact that we have the same team every night  Cleaning in our building. : )”

A Brown / Watson and Associates

“We are extremely pleased with the services we receive from Cleaning of Tulsa  Cleaning, we have never worked with a company that communicates better than they do. Such a relief to know they will always be there for us when we need them!”

Janice C / Freedom Manufacturing

“Thank you Cleaning of Tulsa for all of your hard work, we know that we had quite a mess to clean up but you guys had no problem getting it done in time for our grand opening. Thank you, sincerely”

John Coleman / Drive Inc.

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